Zebra Baby


SIZE: 81.3 x 101.6 cm (32" x 40")

What better way to bring a taste of the dusty, African Savannah home than by adding one of our Baby Zebra animal wall stickers to your children’s bedroom wall? Brilliant colours and detail make this animal one of the favorites with kids and adults alike.

Shown in highly realistic detail, this docile and dainty Baby Zebra animal wall sticker makes an eye catching addition on its own, or works equally well as part of a dramatic wall mural. He is made from highly durable vinyl and is UV resistant, meaning he will not fade in the sunlight.

Easy to use and simple to affix to the walls, our wall stickers allow you total freedom to place them exactly where you want on your children’s bedroom wall, to create the perfect jungle wall mural. Place your Baby Zebra wall sticker near the floor, to make him appear as though he is about to leap into the room at any moment, or alternatively, place him a bit higher up to give the illusion of perspective, as though he is standing in the distance on your child’s bedroom wall. With Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers, the possibilities are endless.

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