SIZE: 76.2 x 86.4 cm (30" x 34")

Few animals can appear as majestic and imposing as the Wolf. Standing proudly, yellow eyes focused on the horizon, as though eyeing some distant prey, our Wolf animal wall sticker completely captures the essence of this striking hunter.

Depicted with highly realistic detail, our Wolf animal wall sticker almost appears to be staring out of your child’s bedroom wall, as though about to leap out and join the rest of his pack in the distance. He makes the perfect addition to any wall mural and is perfect for those who like something a little different on their children’s bedroom wall.

Made from highly durable, UV resistant vinyl, our Wolf animal sticker is easy to use and position, allowing you the freedom to place him wherever you please. Have him standing alone on your wall mural, as a dramatic, eye catching feature, or select some of Wall of the Wild’s other animal wall stickers to create an entire menagerie on your animal loving child’s bedroom wall!

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