Unicorn Visitor

£35.00 £39.95

SIZE: 96.5 x 81.3 cm (38" x 32")

For the most wonderful addition to a perfect princess’s bedroom wall, our stunning Unicorn Visitor wall sticker transforms any room into a location straight out of a fairy story. This is a large wall sticker that is easy to install (peel and stick). It will transform a room in minutes. Simple, quick decoration with great results! How good does that sound?

Our durable, UV resistant Unicorn Visitor wall sticker has been crafted to look like an aged, stained glass window, to give the illusion of a real window on your child’s bedroom wall. At the window, a tranquil, shaggy-maned unicorn leans in, as though sharing a secret, while the woods almost appear to sway in the breeze behind.

Our Unicorn Visitor wall sticker is easy to affix and place upon your wall, making it simple to position in the exact place you require. Why not place your Unicorn wall sticker above the head of your daughter’s bed, giving the illusion that he is watching over her while she sleeps? Or position it in the center of the wall, to create a talking point on your children’s bedroom wall that they are sure to love?

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