Tyrannosaurus Rex Small


SIZE: 53.4 x 38.1 cm (21" x 15")

Our mighty T-Rex dinosaur wall sticker is a must-have for any dinosaur fan. The king and probably the most well known of all dinosaurs, and one of the Jurassic era’s most recognisable and intriguing prehistoric figures, this T-Rex wall sticker makes the perfect finishing touch to your child’s bedroom wall.

Shown leaning menacingly forward, as though about to break into a run towards his prey, our T-Rex dinosaur wall sticker creates a real feature, both on his own and as part of a dinosaur wall mural. He is made from highly durable vinyl and is UV resistant, meaning he won’t fade in the sunlight and is sure to withstand the rigours of a child’s bedroom.

Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers are easy to use and position, meaning that the only difficult part is deciding quite where to place them. Why not position your T-Rex dinosaur wall sticker in the middle of your children’s bedroom wall, giving your mural a sense of perspective, as though he is about to start chasing another dinosaur in the distance? Or place him on the wall above a bookshelf, as though creeping along it? Whatever your choice, Walls of the Wild are sure to have just the right wall sticker to complete your wall mural.

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