Tropical Birds Combo Pack


SIZE: 91.4 x 61 cm (3 x 2 feet)

This is our Toucan & Macaw combo set, two beautiful tropical bird wall stickers that are brightly coloured and in flight. All Walls of the Wild art is created and painted by artist Dede Lifgren, then turned into these magnificent wall stickers.

Simple to apply to any smooth flat surface and create an instant WOW FACTOR. These highly detailed bird decals are printed on to a high quality UV resistant vinyl. This means that they will not fade in sunlight.


  • Macaw - 40.6 x 43.2 cm (16" x 17"),
  • Toucan - 35.6 x 30.5 cm (14" x 12").

Used on their own or as part of a larger Jungle Themed scene these two birds will make an instant impact. They look great when applied at the top of our tree wall stickers.

Better to buy these birds as a combo than individually.

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