Triceratops Side View


SIZES: Large 182.9 x 91.4 cm (72" x 36"), Medium 116.8 x 58.4 cm (46" x 23"), Small 53.3 x 27.9 cm (21" x 11")

This is a Dinosaur wall sticker that every child loves. The Triceratops wall sticker can be used on it's own as a focal point on a wall or as part of a large wall mural with lots of other fearsome dinosaurs. At Walls of the Wild we have them all.

This sticker shows a side view of this splendid Prehistoric Creature. The sturdy Triceratops with his easily recognisable horns pointing forwards, as though about to charge right off the wall, makes for the perfect wall decoration, whether on his own, or as part of a dinosaur display on your child’s bedroom wall. Easy to use and simple to place on the wall, our durable, UV resistant dinosaur wall sticker can be positioned wherever you want, giving you total flexibility in creating your scene. Have him standing proudly at the base of the bed, or by the doorway, as a welcome prehistoric guard on your child’s bedroom wall. Wherever you decide to place him, with Walls of the Wild, you are guaranteed to find just the right dinosaur wall stickers to create a stunning wall mural for your children’s bedroom wall.

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