SIZES: Large 213.4 x 119.4 cm (84" x 47"), Medium 137.2 x 76.2 cm (54" x 30"), Small 58.4 x 33 cm (23" x 13")

The Spinosaurus is possibly the largest carnivorous dinosaur that lived. It is said to be bigger than the mighty T-Rex. Its mouth resembles a crocodile, certainly a Dinosaur not to be messed with. You can now have a slightly smaller version of this on your own wall, either on it's own or indeed as part of a larger prehistoric themed wall mural.

All Walls of the Wild stickers are designed and hand painted by artist  Dede Lifgren. They are then produced as giant wall stickers so that everyone can see and enjoy them.

Note: If any sticker appears as "out of stock" don't worry, you can still order it, it just might take a little longer for us to get to you. This is sometimes the case particularly with our larger decals as we tend to print to order rather than carry large stocks.

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