SIZE: 15.2 x 142.2 cm (6" x 56")

What better way to capture all the mystery and magic of the jungle than with one of our bright green, slithering Snake wall stickers?

Our durable, UV resistant Snake wall sticker, depicted coiling lazily round his very own vine, makes the perfect feature on a child’s bedroom wall, whether on his own as a truly wild piece of wall art, or as part of a jungle wall mural.

Our wall stickers are easy to affix and position, which gives you the freedom to place it wherever you desire on your children’s bedroom wall. Place him next to the door frame, to give the illusion that he might start sliding up the side of the door at any moment, or have him in the center of the wall to create real impact in your jungle bedroom scene. Or alternatively, select some of our other jungle wall stickers on vines, to create your own, highly realistic rainforest. Whatever you decide, we can help you achieve the perfect effect on your child’s bedroom wall.

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