Rock Leaf


SIZE: 71.1 x 38.1 cm (28" x 15")

Have you started to create an exciting mural for your children’s bedroom wall, but just can’t put your finger on what is missing? Chances are, your wall mural is missing some of the detailing that really brings it to life, which is where Walls of the Wild can help.

Shown with amazing attention to detail, our lifelike Rock and Leaf wall sticker is a perfect representation of the real thing, and shows wonderfully realistic sprigs of grass, craggy rocks and a solitary shoot, springing from the mud below. Wonderfully versatile, this wall sticker will fit in with a number of scenes, whether it is a verdant garden mural, an atmospheric Rainforest or a smoldering jungle scene.

Our Rock and Leaf wall sticker is crafted from highly durable vinyl and is UV resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sunlight. It is simple to use and easy to position, allowing you complete freedom to place it exactly where you require on your child’s bedroom wall. Why not place near the bottom of your wall, to create a sense of depth and perspective to your scene, and look at our range of other plant and animal wall stickers to see exactly what sort of mural you could create.

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