Regal Angelfish

£12.95 £14.95

SIZE: 30.5 x 20.3 cm (12" x 8")

The bright vivid colours of this Regal Angelfish decal gives a real taste of the tropics, used on it's own or placed alongside our coral sticker to create an amazing underwater adventure. There is no better fish to include on your child’s bedroom wall than our Regal Angelfish wall sticker.

Truly an elegant and royal addition to your underwater wall mural, our Regal Angelfish wall sticker is shown floating tranquilly, his delicate fins rippling gently in the water. However, despite his dainty appearance, this wall sticker is made from reassuringly durable and UV resistant vinyl, so is well up to the task of surviving the pounding of a children’s bedroom wall.

Our Regal Angelfish wall sticker is easy to use and position, giving you complete freedom to place him exactly where you desire. Why not place him above your child’s bed, as a beautiful night-time companion, or select some of our other underwater wall stickers to create a stunning aquatic wall mural, which your child will cherish for years to come.

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