Orca Whale


SIZES: Large 188 x 106.7 cm (74" x 42"), Small 121.9 x 71.1 cm (48" x 28")

NEW - This magnificent giant Orca Whale wall sticker is big! The detail is amazing, notice the water reflection on this creature back as he swims. Use it on it's own or as part of a larger scene by adding some more Tropical fish, Dolphins or Sharks perhaps even a Sea Turtle? Walls of the Wild has loads to choose from, so that you can create the totally unique under the water themed room or wall.

These giant decals are all hand painted by artist Dede Lifgren and then printed on to a high quality self-adhesive vinyl.

Note: If this giant decal appears as "out of stock" don't worry you can still order it. It may just take a little longer to get to you as will manufacture some larger decals to order rather than carrying stock.

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