Orangutan Baby


SIZE: 40.6 x 149.9 cm (16" x 59")

If you have a little person in your life who loves to monkey around and simply can’t sit still, then our Baby Orangutan animal wall sticker might be just the decoration their bedroom wall needs!

Our durable, UV resistant Baby Orangutan animal wall sticker, showing an adorable little orangutan swinging merrily on his very own vine, makes the perfect focal point on your children’s bedroom wall, or as a striking addition to your existing jungle wall mural.

Our animal wall stickers are all simple to use and easy to position, leaving you with only one difficult decision…where to position him! Why not place your wall sticker close to the ceiling, to make it seem as though he is swinging across your child’s bedroom wall, or place him on the wall below a book shelf, to give the impression he is swaying cheekily from that instead. Wherever you decide to place our Baby Orangutan wall sticker, Walls of the Wild are bound to have the ideal wall stickers to help you create a wonderfully atmospheric jungle wall mural that your child will love. 

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