Lion Cub


SIZE: 38.1 x 25.4 cm (15" x 10")

Bring a taste of the wild into your children’s bedroom with this lifelike, playful Lion Cub wall sticker.

Our highly realistic animal wall sticker features an intently watchful young Lion Cub, the perfect addition to a jungle themed children’s bedroom, or as part of a dramatic jungle wall mural. He adds a real sense of the dusty Savannah to any children’s bedroom wall, whether it is alone, or with other jungle wall stickers to create a wonderfully wild jungle mural.

Our durable, UV resistant Lion Cub animal wall sticker is simple to use and even easier to position, giving you ultimate flexibility in where to position him on your child’s bedroom wall. You could place him in the center of the wall, as a dramatic focal point, or have him positioned on the wall behind a bookshelf, as though resting upon it and studying the bedroom below. Alternatively, why not select some of our other jungle wall stickers to create an entire scene, complete with foliage to really bring the wall mural to life? With Walls of the Wild, there is no limit to the effects that you can create!

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