Leopard Cub


SIZE: 30.5 x 25.4 cm (12" x 10")

With his wide, inquisitive stare and playful demeanour, our Leopard Cub wall sticker makes the perfect bedroom decoration for your own little wild one to treasure and enjoy.

Our wide-eyed, spotty Leopard Cub animal wall sticker complements any children’s bedroom wall, whether on his own, as a realistic, eye-catching feature, or as part of a lively jungle wall mural. He is crafted from durable vinyl and is UV resistant, so will not fade in the sunlight.

Our animal wall stickers are very simple to use and to position, allowing you complete freedom to place wherever you choose. The only problem is deciding where best to put them! Why not place your Leopard Cub animal wall sticker near the floor, making him appear as though he was just about to pounce playfully on to the carpet? Or mix and match your animal wall sticker with our other jungle wall stickers to create the perfect jungle wall mural, that will transport your child to a magical rainforest every time they enter the room. Whatever you choose, Walls of the Wild can help you achieve the ideal bedroom wall scene.

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