Grunt 1

£8.50 £11.95

SIZES: Large 33 x 12.7 cm (13" x 5")Small 25.4 x 10.2 cm (10" x 4")

Our Grunt fish wall sticker, with his fabulously bright stripes and almost secretive smile, is sure to be a real hit with your child as part of an aquatic wall mural for their bedroom wall.

Shown with such realistic detail that he almost seems to be swimming serenely on your child’s bedroom wall, our Grunt fish wall sticker is amazingly lifelike and makes the perfect addition to your ocean scene for a touch of real underwater personality. As with all of Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers, our Grunt is made from highly durable, UV resistant vinyl, making him perfectly adapted for life on your children’s bedroom wall.

Our Grunt fish wall sticker is easy to use and position, making the only tough part deciding where to place it to show it off in all its colourful glory! It is a striking, well sized feature on its own, or with a selection of our other underwater wall stickers as part of a fantastic aquatic wall mural.

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