Scenery Pack Economy Size


This Economy Scenery Pack includes 7 individual decals. They are the smaller versions and come on a sheet that measures 96.5 x 81.3 cm (38" x 32"). These are great when combined with our other Economy sets such as Dinosaurs and Jungle animals. Quick and easy way to create a themed bedroom for your children. Each mural will be unique as you decide what decals you add. Save money and purchase them as a set:

  • Tree - 81cm x 40cm
  • Rock & Leaf - 14cm x 27cm
  • Rock & Grass - 11cm x 43cm
  • Grass - 11cm x 43cm
  • Palm Tree - 84cm x 40cm
  • Yellow Flower - 23cm x 15cm
  • Red Flower - 23cm x 15cm

Hand painted designs are then transferred to our high quality UV resistant vinyl, meaning the colours will not fade in sunlight. These decals are also full of vibrant colours that really do set the scene in any themed bedroom, hallway or anywhere you choose to use them.

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