Coral - Giant Size

£159.95 £189.95

SIZE: 213.4 x 86.4 cm (84" x 34")

Bring all the majesty and colour of the Coral Reef on to your child’s bedroom wall with this lifelike, fascinating wall sticker. Measuring 7 feet long, this extensive wall sticker is perfect as a stand alone feature on your children’s bedroom wall, or as the perfect backdrop for your very own underwater wall mural.

Shown in intricate detail, our Coral wall sticker shows a wide array of different corals, of all different shades and textures, making a mural that your child will never tire of looking at. Parrotfish and Pufferfish swim indolently through the waving tendrils, in a scene which is so realistic, your child will feel like they are gazing upon an aquarium every time they see their bedroom wall. As with all of Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers, our Coral is highly durable and UV resistant, so is built to last.

Our Coral wall sticker is easy to use and position upon your child’s bedroom wall, giving you the freedom to create exactly the effect you desire. Whether on it’s own, or used with our other underwater wall stickers to create a detailed wall mural, it is sure to be an eye-catching focal point that your child will absolutely love.

Note: If this giant decal appears as "out of stock" don't worry, you can still order it. It may just take a little longer to get to you as we manufacture some larger decals to order rather than carrying stock.

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