Clownfish Yellowtail


SIZE: 10.2 x 10.2 cm (4" x 4")

Life size Yellowtail Clownfish wall stickers - ideal for any flat smooth surface, even bathroom walls - these stickers are waterproof. What better way to liven up your underwater mural than with our darting, flamboyant Yellowtail Clownfish wall sticker? Either alone, or as part of an aquatic wall display.

As with all Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers, our Clownfish wall sticker is depicted in vivid detail, making the fish appear so real that they almost seem to undulate and ripple on the wall itself. Despite their delicate appearance, they are made from tough, durable vinyl and are also UV resistant, which means they will not lose their bright colours in the sunlight.

Our Yellowtail Clownfish wall sticker is easy to apply and position, which means the only hard task is deciding where best to show your fish off! Placed alone, they make a truly striking focal point, or why not select some other fish wall stickers from our wide selection, to create a dazzling underwater mural on your child’s bedroom wall? Whatever your requirements, you are sure to find all you need on our site to create the perfect aquatic wall display which your child will love.

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