Queen Angelfish Front View


SIZE: 12.7 x 25.4 cm (5" x 10")

One of the ocean’s most iconic and instantly recognisable inhabitants, our elegant and serene Queen Angelfish wall sticker, shown with remarkable colour and detailing, is a must have for any aquatic wall mural.

With her calmly flitting fins and cool gaze, our Queen Angelfish wall sticker almost seems about to swim forwards off your child’s bedroom wall, to glide through the room itself. She is made from highly durable vinyl and is UV resistant, so you can rest assured that her bright, almost luminescent colouring will not fade in the sunlight.

Our Queen Angelfish wall sticker is simple to use and easy to place upon your child’s bedroom wall, allowing you total freedom to position her in the perfect location on your wall mural. She makes a striking solo focal point on a wall, or a glorious addition to a fish-filled aquarium wall mural. Whatever you decide, Walls of the Wild are sure to have the ideal range of wall stickers to help you achieve your goal.

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