Sea Life

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Looking for inspiration for an under the sea themed room, We have lots of ideas and ways on how to decorate a room with breathtaking fish, dolphin and whale wall stickers. Design your own sea adventure wall mural, quickly and easily . Each animal sticker is very detailed and of the highest quality.  If you've ever taken children to an aquarium you'll know how much they love all the amazing sea creatures and how much interest there is in the world under the sea.

You'll find a great selection of all kinds of fish stickers right here. Our Dolphin stickers are probably our bestseller, and we have five different three different ones to choose from. Shark stickers, Sea turtles,Parrot fish, Angle fish, Clown fish are just a few that are available. These large fish decals are very unique and will enable you to create an amazing themed room. An under the water theme needs more than just the fish though so why not combined the fish with a bit of coral. You can start with just a few fish and end up with a whole wall mural. How you combine them is up to you, Let you creative imagination run wild. Building a themed mural this way is much cheaper than commissioning an artist paint one for you.
Choose your preferred stickers, Start with one or two and slowly build an underwater masterpiece. Overlapping a few of the creatures creates perspective and helps the realistic nature of life under the sea

What Room ? - Decorate a bedroom or even a bathroom, yes these stickers are waterproof. Decorate a nursery or a child's room. You can use them anywhere to generate the WOW factor. We often provide our animal stickers to Hospitals for use in children's wards.
You can purchase these great self adhesive stickers individually or as one of our discounted sticker sets and create a truly magnificent under water themed wall. The results are amazing and each unique mural will be a masterpiece. We also have Large Coral decals (very large) - use this as a centrepiece and then add the various other fish around it. It's up to you where and how you place your stickers. This is what makes each mural design unique.

See our video here which shows a typical jungle wall mural, you'll see how quickly your a theme can easily build into a masterpiece.