Palm Tree S


SIZE: 91.4 x 182.9 cm (36" x 72")

What image better conjures up bright sunshine, steamy jungles and vivid wildlife than a palm tree? Our Palm Tree wall sticker is sure to be a wonderfully evocative addition to your wall mural, guaranteed to bring a taste of the tropics to your children’s bedroom wall.

Depicted in highly realistic detail, our gently bowing Palm Tree wall sticker, with it’s bright green, spiky leaves, appears almost to be bending serenely in the breeze. As such a versatile image, it is the ideal companion to a whole range of themed wall murals, from relaxing beach scenes to wild jungle murals.

Our Palm Tree wall sticker is created using durable, high quality vinyl, and is UV resistant. It is simple to use and position on your children’s bedroom wall, allowing you complete freedom to place it exactly where you want it. Place near the edge of your wall mural to frame the scene perfectly, or place in the center as a focal point, or shady spot for one of Walls of the Wild’s animal wall stickers. The possibilities are endless!

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