Border Red Flower


SIZE: 114.3 x 43.2 cm (45" x 17")

Are you thinking of creating the perfect wall mural for your child’s bedroom wall, but just not sure where to start with it all? Do you have a vague idea of what theme you want to create, but just aren’t sure how to tie it all together?

Our Red Flower Border wall sticker may be just the thing you need. With its realistic detailing and vibrant colours, it creates the perfect frame for any wall mural, and fits in with a number of themes. Were you looking to create a mysterious jungle mural for your children’s bedroom wall? Or a fantasy landscape out of a fairy story? Whatever scene you had in mind, our Red Flower Border wall sticker is bound to set it off perfectly.

Made from highly durable, UV resistant vinyl, our Red Flower Border wall sticker is easy to use and to place, allowing you the freedom to create the look that you want. To create a frame for your wall mural, place your plant wall sticker at the top of the wall, to give the impression of a tree hanging into the room. You could even build your scene further on your child’s bedroom wall, by adding further plant or tree wall stickers. Whatever your needs, Walls of the Wild are likely to have just the thing to help you create the ideal wall mural that will delight your child.

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