Plants & Trees

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Walls of the wild is well known for it's large animal stickers but we also stock a large range of Tropical plants and trees that help to build a great themed room.

Trees that can extend from floor to ceiling, colorful plants, grasses and rocks. These all really do help with the overall themed effect. They are all are designed to work with all our categories with the exception of the Sea life stickers. Each individual wall sticker has been researched and carefully detailed by artist Dede Lifgren.
Palm trees and Rain forest trees look amazing in jungle scenes.
All sticker designs have been hand painted and printed on high quality, UV resistant vinyl.

How to get the realism. Start by adding some of you favorite animals or dinosaurs stickers to your wall. Add a tree but rather than placing it on it's own, place it so it slightly overlaps one of the animals. This works the other way around too. Place tan animal sticker slightly over a tree or plant. This give the mural depth and look great.
You can add plant borders along the top of the wall and a few bird sticker flying just below perhaps. The possibilities are endless and that is the unique thing about Walls of the wild's wall stickers, Each composition will be different.

We supply many hospital children's wards, Dentists and nurseries with a variety of of our wall stickers. This is in addition to the 1000s of home across the UK and the world.

See our demonstration video here to see how easy it is to create the Wow factor.