Cobra Snake


SIZE: 40.6 x 26.7 cm (16" x 10.5")

Do you have a child who is fascinated by nature, and in particular, the more dangerous creatures within it? Our watchful, silently poised Cobra Snake wall sticker creates the perfect dramatic effect on any wildlife fan’s bedroom wall.

With his realistically depicted coils and vibrant colouring, this durable, UV resistant Cobra snake wall sticker looks magnificent on his own, rearing gracefully in the centre of your child’s bedroom wall, or as one of many colourful characters in a jungle wall mural.

Our Cobra wall sticker is easy to apply and affix, meaning that you are easily able to place him wherever you choose. Children with a sense of humour may enjoy positioning him near the door, to give visitors a momentary shock, or perhaps select one of our tree wall stickers to have him coiled tensely below, as though just about to strike. Whatever arrangement of wall stickers you decide, Walls of the Wild can assist you in creating the perfect mural for your children’s bedroom wall, which will be treasured forever.

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