SIZE: 71.1 x 25.4 cm (28" x 10")

Our large Chimpanzee animal wall sticker is perfect for anyone who loves monkeys, used on it's own or together with other Jungle animals plants and tree sticker to create a truly brilliant themed room. This Walls of the Wild Chimp is shown reclining dreamily with a childlike gaze, and can look great positioned above a shelf or above a radiator. Printed on our durable UV resistant polyester vinyl makes this Chimpanzee sticker ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Easy to use and simple to position, he can be placed exactly where you desire, making it amazingly straightforward to achieve the bedroom wall mural that you desire. Why not place him on your child’s bedroom wall just above the bed?, giving the impression that he is resting on the covers. Or select one of our many tree wall stickers to place him under, to really set the scene for your very own exciting jungle wall mural. Whatever you decide, Walls of the Wild is has the perfect wall stickers to help you create a truly exciting themed bedroom for your children.

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