Jungle Animals

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Are you looking for inspiration for a Jungle Safari themed room, Ideas and ways on how to decorate your children's bedroom with a Jungle animal theme. How you I make a jungle mural?  Well we can help you create that something special with our range of individual jungle wall stickers. Each animal sticker is very detailed and drawn by hand. 
You'll find a great selection of high quality Jungle wall stickers right here. These giant animal decals are very unique and will enable you to create an amazing Jungle wall mural. A Jungle mural needs more than just animals so why not combined the animals with a few Plants & Trees stickers. Our range of Jungle Animal wall stickers are large and can quite easily cover a whole wall if required.
You can purchase them individually or as one our Mural sticker sets. Monkey wall stickers are probably our bestseller, and we have five different monkey stickers to choose from, including Chimpanzees, Baboons and Orangutans. Our Jungle Safari themes include Giraffe stickers, Tiger stickers, Lions, Snakes, Zebras and Elephants, plus many other animal stickers. How you combine them is up to your imagination!
Choose your preferred Jungle animal decals, Add some backgrounds if required, plants and trees really give the the jungle mural depth and perspective, bringing a wall alive. Or start with just one or two animal stickers and build you jungle mural over time.

What Room ? - Decorate a bedroom or use these Jungle animals for a nursery. You can use them anywhere to generate the WOW factor. We often provide our animal stickers to Hospitals for use in children's wards, Schools and nurseries.
Mural Composition stage - Once you have your animal stickers all you need to do is decide where you're going to place each animal, Perhaps a Lion sticker slightly behind a tree and an elephant sticker in the background with an eagle flying above, this is where you create the uniqueness. Why not let you child / children help with the composition and express their budding design skills. 
The application is easy! Just peel off the backing and apply to the wall or any smooth, flat, dry surface. Over lapping some of the wall stickers slightly gives a great sense of depth to your scene. 

See our video here which shows a typical jungle wall mural, you'll see how quickly your Jungle theme builds into a masterpiece.