SIZE: 55.9 x 55.9 cm (22" x 22")

Our gorgeously fluffy Lamb wall sticker is the perfect way to finish off a farmyard wall mural for your child’s bedroom wall. From its innocent wide eyes to its tiny little tail, it is sure to be an adorable addition that will have your child smiling for years to come.

Our Lamb animal wall sticker is made from highly durable, UV resistant vinyl, which means it is sure, despite its delicate appearance, to be tough enough to withstand the rigors of being on a child’s bedroom wall. It is depicted with real attention to detail, to create a truly lifelike focal point for your child’s wall mural.

Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers are all easy to use and to position. The only hard part is deciding where best to place your woolly friend! It looks adorable as a central feature in the middle of a wall, or as a lovable sentry to the room, by the doorway. Why not give it some friends, by selecting some of our other farmyard animal wall stickers? Whatever your choice, with Walls of the Wild, you are sure to find just the thing to create the perfect wall mural.

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