SIZE: 25.4 x 12.7 cm (10" x 5")

As one of the farm’s most treasured and much loved creatures, no farm wall mural would be complete without its very own set of fluffy little Chicks.

Our chick wall stickers show three impossibly fluff-feathered and slightly dazed looking chicks, their bright, curious eyes gazing out beyond the confines of your child’s bedroom wall, as though about to jump out into the room. They are crafted from highly durable vinyl and are UV resistant, so are sure not to lose their vibrant colouring in the sunlight.

Easy to use and simple to position, Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers give you complete freedom to create the mural that you want. Our chick wall stickers look adorable on their own, as a sweet little feature, whether near the bottom of the wall, or even positioned on your children’s bedroom wall just above the bookshelf, as though walking tentatively along it. Alternatively, select from our wide range of other farmyard wall stickers to create a beautiful farm mural that will be treasured for years to come.

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