SIZES: Large 218.4 x 106.7 cm (86" x 42"), Medium 121.9 x 58.4 cm (48" x 23"), Small 50.8 x 25.4 cm (20" x 10")

What better way to complete a truly realistic Jurassic scene than with our iconic, spiky plated Stegosaurus dinosaur wall sticker? Available in 3 sizes that can be used together in one mural, it gives a sense of perspective, the smaller ones look further away.

Dinosaur fanatics will be ecstatic with their very own Stegosaurus, which is over 2 meters long, and makes a truly dramatic effect on your wall. Crafted in exquisitely realistic detail, and made from highly durable vinyl, this UV resistant dinosaur wall sticker is sure to last and last.

Our Stegosaurus dinosaur wall sticker is simple to use and apply to your walls, allowing you complete freedom to position him where you desire. He creates real impact in the center of your children’s bedroom wall, or why not select from Walls of the Wild’s wide range of other dinosaur wall stickers to create a truly authentic Jurassic wall mural, which your child will never tire of looking at? Whatever you decide, you are sure to find exactly what you need here.

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