Dino Egg


SIZE: 22.9 x 22.9 cm (9" x 9")

What Dinosaur mural would be complete without a hatching Dino Egg wall sticker, complete with an inquisitive, new born dinosaur baby peeping out?

Depicted with real detail and care, our durable, UV resistant Dino Egg dinosaur wall sticker captures all the cuteness of a little dinosaur baby, and looks wonderful on your children’s bedroom wall, whether alone, or as a part of a dramatic dinosaur wall mural.

Our Dino Egg dinosaur wall sticker is easy to use and place on your child’s bedroom wall, meaning the only hard part is deciding where best to place him! He lends a quirky appeal to the corner of a room, or why not position him on the wall just above a bookshelf, to make him appear as though he is sitting upon it? Alternatively, you could select from our wide range of dinosaur wall stickers to create a truly wonderful dinosaur wall mural on your child’s bedroom wall that they will treasure for years to come.

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