Dinosaur Combo Pack


A starter collection of 4 individual Dinosaur wall stickers. Supplied on a single sheet measuring 3 x 2 feet.

  • Triceratops: 14" x 10",
  • Stegosaurus: 20" x 10",
  • T-Rex: 21" x 15",
  • Dino Egg: 9" x 9".

Each highly detailed decal has been hand painted by artist Dede Lifgren and then transferred to high quality UV resistant vinyl. This means it will not fade in direct sunlight.

Note: If this item is shown to be out of stock please contact us and we will let you know how long it will be before we can supply you. You can still order out of stock items, they generally just take a little longer to get to you as we need to manufacture.

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