Dinosaur Collection Economy Size


SIZE: 121.9 x 121.9 cm (48" x 48")

A wonderful collection of Dinosaur decals, an ideal way to decorate a bedroom wall. 19 wall stickers in total, so plenty to place as you wish, they look great when combined with our Plants and Trees stickers.

This wonderful dinosaur mural collection includes :

  • Triceratops, 
  • Stegosaurus, 
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, 
  • Gallimimus,
  • Baby Dinosaurs hatching and a handful of smaller dinosaurs including Pterodactyls!

Large T-Rex 90cm x 30cm - Gillimimus 53x39cm - Eggs 12x12cm - Grey Triceratops 28x23cm - Pterdodactyl 10x43cm - T-Rex (brown) 20x28cm - Brachiosaurus 67x26cm - Stegosaurus (large) 38x76cm Stegosaurus (small) 14x28cm

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