Coral Reef Tropical Fish Mural


SIZE: 243.8 x 243.8 cm (8 x 8 feet)

A truly amazing set of underwater wall stickers, bring all the magic of the seven seas on to your child’s bedroom wall with our Complete Underwater Collection. With everything you could possibly need to create the most amazing underwater wall mural, our Complete Underwater Collection will make your child’s bedroom walls feel as close to being beneath the waves as it is possible to be on dry land!

37 Pieces that can be arranged any way you want. Includes the following decals:

  • 1 Coral Reef Mural, 
  • 1 Dolphin Swimming,
  • 1 Sea Turtle,
  • 2 Regal Angelfish, 
  • 3 French Angelfish,
  • 4 Grunt Fish large, 
  • 8 Turning Grunt Fish Large, 
  • 8 Turning Grunt Fish Small,
  • 5 Bigeye Large, 
  • 4 Bigeye Small.

Walls of the Wild’s wall stickers are all designed to be easy to use and position on your child’s bedroom wall, allowing you complete freedom to create the perfect underwater mural. As with all our stickers, your Complete Underwater Collection wall stickers are all made of highly durable, UV resistant vinyl, which means they will stand the test of time and not fade in the sunlight. With so many wonderful, colourful underwater wall stickers, you are sure to create a wall mural which your child will absolutely love.

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