SIZE: 15.2 x 15.2 cm (6" x 6")

With his distinctive bright yellow feathers, this dainty little Goldfinch wall sticker provides a wonderful splash of colour in any children’s bedroom.

Known for its tuneful twitter, this durable vinyl bird wall sticker can be used on its own, to give a children’s bedroom wall a little bit of character, or why not mix and match with our other colourful bird wall stickers to create the perfect mural, featuring a whole flock of feathered friends?

With his simple to affix backing, our Goldfinch can be placed wherever you please, whether you want him perching proudly on the top of a door frame, or positioned to brighten up the wall above a radiator or bookshelf. Alternatively, you can really complete your children’s bedroom wall mural by selecting some of Walls of the Wild’s realistic tree stickers to accompany your Goldfinch, and provide your child with a truly inspirational bedroom wall scene.

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