SIZE: 71.1 x 35.6 cm (28" x 14")

Give your child’s bedroom wall a real sense of majesty and drama with this visually striking Eagle bird wall sticker, depicted in flight, gliding gracefully through the skies.

Our grandiose, highly durable Eagle wall sticker creates real impact as a feature for your children’s bedroom wall, especially when positioned high on the wall, as though soaring from one side of the room to the other. Why not add to your Eagle bird wall sticker with some other stickers from our collection, to create your very own custom made bedroom wall mural? He is fully UV resistant, so will not fade in the sunlight.

With simple to affix backing, this stately bird sticker can be positioned wherever you desire. Either position him swooping alone to create a real centerpiece in your wall mural, or perhaps select one of our realistic tree stickers to frame him in all his magnificence and to really set the scene on your child’s bedroom wall. Whatever you choose, this Eagle bird sticker is the perfect solution to add real personality to any otherwise featureless wall.

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