SIZE: 11.4 x 6.3 cm (4.5" x 2.5")

Do you have a friendly, warm child that loves to be in the company of others? Why not treat them to their very own Chickadee wall sticker, and give them the gift of one of nature’s most friendliest and lovable birds?

Our cute and charismatic little Chickadee wall sticker makes the perfect addition to any children’s bedroom wall. Alone, he adds a touch of real personality, combined with our other bird wall stickers, he can help create the most delightful bedroom wall decoration, a wall mural with a whole host of feathered friends to admire. Our Chickadee bird wall sticker is made from highly durable vinyl and is UV resistant, so won’t fade in the sunlight.

Our Chickadee bird wall sticker is simple to use and easy to position, which gives you the freedom to give him a home wherever you choose. Why not perch this cute little bird wall sticker on the wall above your child’s bed, to give the illusion of him sitting sweetly on the bed frame, or alternatively, add one of Wall of the Wild’s realistic tree wall stickers to give him something more natural to rest upon? Either way, this sweet Chickadee bird wall sticker is guaranteed to complement any bedroom wall scene to perfection.

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